i-LEAD Nursing Leadership and Health Systems

Graduate Certificate

i-LEAD Nursing Leadership and Health Systems - Certificate Expanding your education through a certificate program increases your value and career advancement in the workplace. Certificates are one of the fastest-growing post-secondary credential awarded over the past several decades, providing competency-based skills to enhance your knowledge and value to an organization.

The Program at a Glance

School: College of Nursing Campus: Online Classroom: Fully Online Credits required for completion: 17

The Details

Nursing administration has become a very specialized and integral form of management. i-LEAD (Innovation in LEadership and ADministration in Nursing and Health Care Systems) provides nurses who are interested in advancing their careers with essential competencies to become effective leaders and managers in a variety of health care settings. Knowledge gained in cultural competence, informatics and evidence-based practice will provide educated leaders with the ability to excel in today's complex and changing health care system.