RN to BS Early Decision Option

Seamlessly Transition from the ADN to CU’s Top-Ranked RN to BS Program

The Early Decision Option is available for prospective students currently enrolled in an accredited Associate’s Degree of Nursing (ADN) program and interested in advancing to the BSN after ADN completion.

The Benefit of the Early Decision program:

  • Solidify your BSN plan while enrolled in the ADN program.
  • Create a connection early in your ADN program with the top-ranked CU College of Nursing.
  • Advertise your Early Decision acceptance on your resume while applying for employment.
  • No application fee required. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Currently enrolled in an accredited Associate’s Degree in Nursing program and have completed at least one semester of coursework that includes nursing courses
  • Have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA (preferred)

Application Process 

When to Apply

Applications can be submitted at any time, however, to be considered for Early Decision admission, the term being sought must not be available and at least one semester of the ADN must be completed. The RN to BS prerequisites are required however an application under Early Decision consideration will not require a set number of courses to have been completed to initiate review.

How to Apply

  • Please see the table below for information regarding how to submit an application.
  • Submit official transcripts for all post-secondary institutions attended. 

After Application

When a complete application is received it will be forwarded for faculty review and decision. If the decision is favorable, an admission notice will be issued indicating the future term of enrollment. As the term approaches, the CU Nursing staff will reach out to collect any outstanding materials such as transcripts, license (if available), status on any incomplete prerequisites. Please note that all students will be required to meet the RN to BSN admission requirements before starting the program.