Office for Faculty and Students

The CU Nursing Office for Faculty and Students provides oversight for faculty affairs, support, admissions, and student affairs. The functions of the office include providing faculty with mentoring and administrative support to be successful in their pursuit of academic, research, and scholarship, providing administrative support and liaison for several faculty committees, recruiting a diverse student body, and providing robust support for students in their academic pursuits.

Faculty Affairs and Support

The Faculty Affairs and Support team manages the administrative processes associated with faculty promotion and tenure, faculty recruitment, provides administrative support to four of the six faculty standing committees as well as provides basic administrative support to the faculty of the College of Nursing. This team also staffs the Faculty Support Desk, located in Education 2 North, on the 4th floor, Rm. 4237.

Amy Barton PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Students

Amy Hester BA, MBA

Faculty Affairs Program Manager

Admissions and Student Affairs Staff

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Kristi Rodriguez

Director of Admissions and Student Affairs

Laura Babb

Student Affairs Specialist

Judy Campbell PhD

Graduate Programs Advisor

Jesse Rainey

Student Affairs Assistant

Liz Schwebach MS

Student Recruitment Program Manager

Anapin Thielen

Senior Enrollment Advisor