Consortium for Veteran and Military Health

This Consortium is a collaborative group through the College of Nursing’s Office of Research and Scholarship dedicated to Veteran and Military Health.


To be the foundation in the CU System for interprofessional research, scholarship, and community partnerships- locally, nationally, and internationally – that influence the health and wellness of Veterans and Servicemembers.


To promote care and provide the needed resources for Veterans, military members, and their families through research, education, community, and clinical collaborations.

Veteran and Military Health Pillars and Goals

  • Design, conduct, and provide consultation for research
    • Funding via grants, in-kind, collaborations, workload buyout
  • Partner with faculty, students, and clinicians in research
    • CU: Anschutz Medical Campus Combat Research Center; UCCS via the Beth El College of Nursing; VA: COIN, MIRECC, GRECC; DoD: Murtha BrCa Research Center, TriService Nursing Research Program
  • Collaborate with internal and external research centers
    • Equine/Canine Assisted Therapy; Arts and Expression therapy
  • Develop innovative research, capitalizing on regional resources
  • Assist students and faculty with scholarly activities
    • Manuscripts, presentations, abstracts
  • Create/manage repository/library for student projects
  • Support Graduate VMHC academic programs
  • Offer/manage student scholarships and post doctoral fellowship
    • Work with the Office of Advancement (donors) for scholarship support
  • Partner with the VA Nurse Residency Program
  • Create VMH Alumni network
    • Work with the CU College of Nursing Alumni Association
  • CVMH Website
  • Maintain the VMH Resources database
  • Plan annual PVMH conference
  • Conduct Quarterly Grand Rounds
  • Contribute to Community Outreach Publications
    • Eg. Army “Echoes”Magazine
  • Facilitate comprehensive, coordinated, and peer supported referral network for Denver/Western Slope/San Luis Valley
    • Partner with organizations that network in the community such as Combined Arms/Homefront Military Network/PatriotLink
  • Initiate academic collaborations on CU Anschutz Medical Campus
  • Initiate academic collaborations in CU System
    • Partner with UCCS for IPE for VMH
  • Initiate external academic collaborations
    • University of Denver Sturm Center Behavioral Health Center for Veterans, Service Members, and their Families


Consortium for Veteran and Military Health – Dr. Lori Trego, Director

Pillar Leads
VMH Research – Led by Dr. Lori Trego
VMH Scholarship – Dr. Mona Pearl Treyball, Liaison
VMH Community – ??
VMH Academic Partnerships – Dr. Deb Kenny, Liason


Contact: Partnerships for Veteran and Military Health

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