Reproductive Health and Immigration Policy

A research study

Our Study: We are conducting a longitudinal study to explore how immigration policy and reproductive health policy shape Latina young women’s lives and reproductive goals, and their ability to achieve them.

Over 12 months, people who participate in our study complete three interviews and brief weekly online surveys about their lives, including family, education, work, romantic or sexual partners, birth control use, and future goals.

The study is funded by the Betty Irene Moore Fellowship for Nurse Leaders and Innovators and the University of Colorado Population Research Center.

Study Mission and Vision:

The 1.3 million immigrant young people in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program navigate a climate of uncertainty, making it difficult to make long-term plans for their future. US states continue to reduce access to contraception and abortion, threatening people’s ability to control their lives and destinies. In addition to the restrictive reproductive health policy, DACA recipients' legal status is uncertain with no pathway to citizenship.

In this research study, we are following immigrant young women to explore how the intersection of reproductive health policy and immigration policy shapes their reproductive goals and life dreams. We will use their voices to inform policy.

We envision a world where everyone has access to health care to choose if and when to parent. And where structural racism is dismantled so that everyone has equitable opportunities on which to build their dreams.

About Us:

We are a research team from the University of Colorado College of Nursing and the University of Colorado Denver. Kate Coleman-Minahan is the principal investigator, Edelina Burciaga is the co-investigator, and Sayury Chavez Carrillo and Noelia Montford are research service professionals.

Reproductive Health and Immigration Team

Research Team

Kate Coleman-Minahan

Kate Coleman-Minahan

Kate is a researcher at the University of Colorado who studies reproductive health among young people and immigrant communities. She is a nurse practitioner and provides reproductive health care to young people in Southwest Colorado.

Edelina Burciaga

Edelina Burciaga

Edelina is a researcher at the University of Colorado. Her research focuses on Latina/o/x communities, immigrant young adults, and education.

Sayury Carrillo Chavez

Sayury Carrillo Chavez

Sayury is a researcher at the University of Colorado. Her work focuses on women's studies, abortion access, and immigration in the USA.

Noelia Montford

Noelia Cabrera Montford

Noelia is a researcher at the University of Colorado who is passionate about women’s health, reproductive justice, and health equity for all.

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