Office of Admissions and Student Affairs

The mission and function of the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs is to coordinate activities that support and complement our students’ educational program and academic life during their time with the College of Nursing. This department provides resources and support to students and their experience based on the college’s missions, goals and objectives while adhering to policies and procedures that ensure efficient operations and effective management that meet or exceed student needs. The Office of Admissions and Student Affairs is responsible for recruitment and pre-admissions advising, the admissions process and application procedure, scholarships, current student advising and student services, related to supporting resources, student conduct, student organization oversight, graduation and other events meant to engage the student population and create a diverse and inclusive community of support and success throughout the College of Nursing.

Admissions and Student Affairs Staff

Kristi Rodriguez

Director of Admissions and Student Affairs

Anapin Thielen

Undergraduate Programs Advisor

Amy Sturrock

Undergraduate Programs Advisor

Sandra Tapiceria

Academic Support Professional

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