Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring at the CU College of Nursing is overseen by the Academic Success Coach, supported by faculty, and is built to be flexible for tutors and students. All Peer Tutors are current CU College of Nursing students who have been in your shoes and achieved success in the courses they offer support in. They have been recommended by faculty for their role and they are available as additional academic content support. Peer tutoring is a free resource for all students, that can be in person or online via Zoom for tutoring sessions, and it is a paid student job opportunity for second-year undergraduate students. Tutors are available for all of the classes students take in their first year.

  To Meet With A Tutor

  • Follow the gold button or go to
  • Create your account using your CU email address.
  • Choose the course you want support in from the top middle display drop-down menu.
  • Tutors who offer support in that class and their availability will appear. Then you can choose your date, time, and if you want to meet in person or online via Zoom for your tutoring session.
  • Please include what you want to work on in your tutoring session so your tutor knows what to expect and can prepare.
  • You will receive a confirmation email about your appointment, and your tutor will be in touch with you to confirm where you will meet.

Please Remember…

  • To bring all relevant class materials with you to your tutoring session.
  • To come to your session with questions and knowing what you want to accomplish.
  • To communicate with your tutor: being a peer tutor is a paid student job, and it is important to respect their time just as they respect yours.
  • That tutors CAN help you understand class content better, help you prepare for exams, and help you review assignments you have already completed and turned in. Tutors will keep your academic information, including grades, confidential.
  • That tutors CANNOT help you complete assignments for a grade that you have not turned in, and they CANNOT tell you what questions will be on exams.
  • Tutoring is not a replacement for attending class or communicating with your professor.

  Interested in becoming a Peer Tutor?

Applications are accepted in the Spring term for Peer Tutors to start the following Summer Term. Students will receive information via email when the application is available.

Questions? Contact the Academic Success Team at

Meet Our Tutors

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