Tuition and Fees

Tuition rates vary based on the school/college offering the course, academic level, and resident status. The Board of Regents of the University of Colorado reserves the right to change tuition and fees at any time. Detailed information regarding tuition rates, payment deadlines, scholarships, and financial aid is available on the student finance site.

The CU College of Nursing does offer merit and need-based scholarships. Scholarship funding typically occurs once a year in the spring term. More information regarding the scholarship process is available online.

Tuition Buy-Downs

Select programs offer tuition buy-downs to students who would be normally charged the non-resident tuition rate. The rate and application of the tuition buy-down varies by program/specialty. The current buy-down programs are as follows:

RN to BSAll RN to BSN students who complete on-time will have their final semester of tuition reduced so that the total program expense is no more than $12,000.  Tuition charged in the final semester of enrollment will be automatically adjusted.
Dual-enrollment ADN
Program discontinued for new enrollment in Fall 2021  
All non-resident dual enrollment ADN students will have their per semester tuition adjusted to the in-state tuition rate.Automatic process that will occur the week prior to the start of the term.
i-LEAD, Health Care Informatics, and Veteran & Military Health CareNon-resident students in the specialty (certificate, MS) will have a buy-down applied that reduces the cost to the in-state tuition rate.Automatic process that will occur the week prior to the start of the term.
DNP/MPHInitially, all enrolled students are charged the School of Public Health rate. After the add/drop period, the College of Nursing will apply a buy-down that reduces the charges for the nursing courses to the CU Nursing rate. This is reflected as a credit on your semester bill. Late fees are not applied.Automatic process that occurs after the add/drop period; may take up to two weeks to process.

Application Fees for CU College of Nursing

The following table lists application and enrollment fees that are pre-paid prior to matriculation at the College of Nursing. As you consider application, please keep these costs in mind as they are generally not covered by financial aid.  

Application Fees:

 NursingCAS (application)
Slate (application)
Office of Admissions FeeTotal
Undergraduate$55  N/A$50$155
RN to BS
Pre-Enrollment Fees

Enrollment at the CU College of Nursing is contingent upon successfully completing the pre-enrollment checklist including, but not limited to background checks, drug screening, immunizations, etc. Several items in the pre-enrollment process have costs associated such as Complio/American Data Bank which is a software used to track compliance. The cost for Complio access is paid in advance by the student and can range from $150-$170*. Information regarding the cost for pre-enrollment process will be included in the admissions notification.  
**Fees are subject to change and vary by student and program.