Collaborative Advanced Psychiatric-Education eXchange (CO-APEX)

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Thank you for your interest in the Academic Clinical Partnership for the Collaborative Advanced Psychiatric Education eXchange, or CO-APEX project. The project is an interstate collaboration between the University of Colorado College of Nursing and the University of New Mexico College of Nursing (UNM) to prepare advanced psychiatric mental health nurses with the goals of:

  1. Enhancing academic practice partnerships in each state in underserved and/or rural settings
    • Expanding clinical training in an underserved and/or rural settings
    • Working with clinical site preceptor to identify specific training needs and improve preceptor knowledge/skills
  2. Establishing Lay Academic Medical Psychiatric Support (LAMPS) systems to improve curriculum and training
    • ​ Developing regional LAMPS to identify training needs in the current curriculum and clinical training
    • Assessing students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities to improve the current curriculum and clinical training

​ CU and UNM enroll students in CCNE-approved CU didactic courses and clinically train students in four Academic Partnerships, two in each state. Clinical partner preceptors working in rural/underserved settings will obtain advanced training using a social media-based Advanced Clinical Education Scholars (CO-ACES) program and will have the option of applying for faculty status. Three Lay Academic Medical Psychiatric Support (LAMP) groups will use a community engagement model to focus on student cultural sensitivity and practice competencies for rural/underserved Western populations. All aspects of the project will use the rapid cycle improvement process and LAMPs and Academic Partnerships to redesign the curriculum for rural/underserved populations.

Funded by Health Resource Services Administration #D09HP29977

CO-APEX Academic Partners

​CO Advanced Education Scholars (CO-ACES) Classes

The lack of preceptors with rural/underserved populations will be addressed for both CU and UNM through the academic partnerships who will assist in identifying preceptors and their training needs. Once enrolled the preceptors will be able to obtain training, fee CE and maintain contact with faculty using an online social media in the Advanced Clinical Education Scholars (ACES) section. The ACES program will link rural/underserved preceptors to a social media based learning site.

  • Academic Clinical Partnerships
  • Learning Style’s and Cognitive Construction
  • The One Minute Preceptor
  • Managing Conflict with Students :Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Model
  • The Student with Safety Issues
  • Competency Outcomes and Measures

Colorado Lay Academic Medical Psychiatric Support (CO-LAMPS)

To truly address issues at the community level, a community engagement advisory group will assist to generate feedback on the training needs of our Colorado and New Mexico residents. Those who participate in the group have a unique opportunity to shape the future of care and training for future Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner providers.

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Free Continuing Education Courses

Bipolar Management
  • Managing Bipolar Type I depression  
  • Bipolar Spectrum Disorder:   Assessment Diagnosis, and Epidemiology Using a Recovery Paradigm ​
  • Bipolar Spectrum Disorders: Counseling, Psychoeducation and Psychotherapy; Evidence-Based Components in the Therapeutic Relationship   
  • Biological Interventions for Bipolar Disorder Across the Lifespan 
Military Veteran Issues
  • Military Psychiatry: Practice and Pitfalls for Civilian Providers
Substance Abuse Treatments
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