Technical Standards

Minimum Requirements for All Applicants

The College of Nursing adopted the following Technical Standards for admission, progression, and graduation in the Bachelor’s (BS) and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs. These Standards also apply to Master’s (MS) programs and post-graduate certificate/special graduate students taking clinical/internship courses involving direct client care or indirect care. Candidates for these degrees must be able to meet these minimum Standards with or without reasonable accommodation for successful completion of degree requirements. In graduate courses or programs without clinical/internship components or those involving no direct patient care, the Standards may be modified by the program office governing the specific degree program.

The following Technical Standards delineate the attributes necessary to complete educational programs in Nursing. The College will consider any applicant who demonstrates the ability to perform or learn to perform the skills listed here. An applicant with concerns about these Technical Standards is strongly encouraged to discuss the issue with the Director of Admissions and Student Affairs and the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate or Graduate Programs as necessary. An applicant is not required to disclose the nature of any disability. If appropriate, and upon request from the applicant, reasonable accommodations for a disability may be provided through the Office of Disability Resources.

Revised by SAC 9/23/08; Approved by General Faculty 9/29/08; Implemented 10/1/10; Updated and Effective 9/29/11

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