Having an Impact at the CU College of Nursing

As we look forward together, we are excited about the many opportunities in front of us as a leading academic medical campus. With your partnership, we will continue to make a measurable impact on reducing the nursing shortage, educate future leaders in health and pioneer new developments in patient care that will improve health for all. Your generosity creates opportunities for the students and faculty who will change the face of healthcare for generations.

Nationally Ranked

The following are the 2024 rankings * 14th in Masters Degrees Online * 8th in leadership program (i-LEAD)



As a College, we’ve awarded over $500,000 in scholarships annually


We have received over $369,008.80 in gifts from more than 558 individual benefactors

Give Back

At the CU College of Nursing, we are dedicated to improving patient care and student education. Our vision is bold and our goals are aspirational. Our outstanding education, research and clinical care programs are strengthening our reputation as a world-class medical destination.

The CU College of Nursing has a long history and rich tradition of delivering a top-notch nursing education. Our goal is to continue providing a rigorous and innovative curriculum to talented students. Our community of supporters ensures that we can provide this quality education without our students incurring significant financial burden.

Funds & Causes

Support CU College of Nursing

Making a gift to the CU College of Nursing general fund allows our faculty to meet current needs in the advancement of our academic, research, or community service mission.

Support Students

By removing the burden of debt, you help bolster students’ ability to become the trusted nursing professionals we look to during our most vulnerable times. Investments like yours ensure that nurses are there when we need them.

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