Crystol Gallegos

Graduate Placement Holder

Alma Gandara

Front Desk Receptionist

Yamileth Cruz

Outreach and Enrollment Specialist

Davis Morrell

Simulation Technician

Stephanie Salazar

Human Resources Assistant

Katelyn Nolan BA

Alumni Relations & Communications Professional

Hilary Hawker MBA

HR and Payroll Professional

Celene Gutierrez Olivas

Bilingual RN/Case Manager

Chad Gagnier

Billing and Data Specialist

Arturo Morales

Administrative Assistant

Catherine Owen PhD, RN, FAEN, FAAN

Clinic Operations Manager

Ashley Percival

Referral Coordinator

Christine Zaldivar

Administrative Assistant

Michele Wilcoxen

Compliance Specialist

Abby Zamora AAS, RLAT

Operations Program Assistant

Cindy Walker BA

Academic Support Assistant

Amy Sturrock

Undergraduate Programs Advisor

Anapin Thielen

Undergraduate Programs Advisor

Sandra Tapiceria

Academic Support Professional