Nursing Education Xchange Program

Thank you for considering the Nursing Education Xchange (NEXus) for your continued educational development. NEXus is a distance-accessible academic collaborative of select doctoral institutions that facilitates enrollment in doctoral courses that are not available on your home campus. These institutions have identified courses open for enrollment to PhD and DNP students of partnering institutions. PhD and DNP students may enroll in just one course, or they may select from a specified group of courses (a cluster) such as Nursing Education or Diverse and Vulnerable Populations. The University of Colorado College of Nursing is a full academic collaborator in NEXus.

Registration Deadlines

Students are responsible for meeting the registration and payment deadlines of the institution that is offering the course. In most cases, this will not coincide with your home institution's calendar, so advanced planning with regard to finances and academics is critical.

Please see the Non-Degree programs page for deadlines.

Academic Considerations

  • Decisions about selecting a NEXus course must be made in consultation with your academic advisor or committee chair.
  • NEXus courses cannot be substituted for core courses or the substantive area courses.
  • NEXus courses can be used to meet the methods electives and/or the general electives requirements.
  • Student enrolled in a NEXus course must meet all course requirements.
  • Students are encouraged to contact the course faculty in advance to ensure that they understand the course requirements (prerequisite courses, vacation periods, on-campus requirements, technology requirements, synchronous versus asynchronous discussions, etc.).

Visit for additional information, registration deadlines and dates.

Financial Considerations

The NEXus Common Price applies to all students signing up for a NEXus course at a partner institution other than their home campus. The 2022-2023 NEXus Common Price is $865.00 per semester credit-hour or $577.00* per quarter credit hour. This is a flat rate which includes all tuition and university fees, no matter where the course is offered.

*Note, the NEXus Common Price does not cover fees for late payments, late fees for missing application deadlines, or late fees for missing registration deadlines at the teaching institution

CU College of Nursing students who wish to use their financial aid towards a NEXus course at a participating institution must also submit a CU Consortium Agreement.

*Oregon Health Sciences University and Loma Linda University operate on the quarter system.

How to Get Started

Students interested in taking advantage of this program should review the NEXus Student Enrollment Procedures and proceed with completing a NEXus Tracking Form. Once the form is complete and submitted as instructed, you will proceed with registering. The form and procedures are available at

If you are a CU College of Nursing student planning to enroll at a NEXus participating university, you must contact that university directly (see University Contacts on the NEXus website). If you are a student from a NEXus participating university wishing to enroll in a course at the University of Colorado, follow the application instructions on the non-degree enrollment page; available courses can be found on the NEXus Internet Course Exchange.

For assistance regarding the NEXus program, please contact the CU Nursing NEXus campus staff coordinator at 303-724-1651 or via e-mail at

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