Staff Directory

Brandy Guinard

Medical Assistant I
Campus Health Center

Celene Gutierrez Olivas

Bilingual RN/Case Manager
Sheridan Health Services

Hilary Hawker MBA

HR and Payroll Professional

Kristy Heiss

Infant Gold Grant

Juana Hernandez Rodriguez

Health Care Tech
Sheridan Family Health Clinic

Amy Hester BA, MBA

Faculty Affairs Program Manager

Nicole Hirsch MS

Sr. Professional Research Assistant Lifecycle Grants & Contracts Program Manager

Melissa Holguin

Dental Assistant
Sheridan Health Services

Rodney Huddleston BS

Assistant Director of IT Operations and Data Management

Daniel Hussey MA.Ed

Undergraduate Program Manager

China Hutchins

Graduate Programs Advisor

Louis Iglesias

Administrative Assistant
Sheridan Youth Health Clinic

Alysia Jennings BS, RDH

Dental Hygienist
Sheridan Family Health Clinic

Katie Johnson

Undergraduate Placement Scheduler
Clinical & Community Affairs

Lisa Krug Avery

Professional Coordinator