Global Health Nursing in Ecuador

Students with strong Spanish language skills won't want to miss the opportunity to have an immersion experience in Quito. This historic city is located high in the Andes mountains and is home to "Old Town", a UNESCO world heritage site. The student experience will include direct patient care in a variety of clinical settings as well as a unique journey to Indigenous Medicine University in Riobomba. This visit offers a complementary learning opportunity that will expand students' cultural sensitivity and global health perspective.

Site Opportunities

  • Practice - Students will provide direct patient care at the military hospital, Hospital de Especialidades Fuerzas Armadas, of Quito. This large teaching facility provides services to the military and recently expanded to serve all civilian residents, not just military personnel. This hospital has 1200 beds and is consistently at 90% of capacity.
  • Education - This site is poised to begin exploring the role of the Advanced Practice Nurse in Ecuador. Don't miss the opportunity to provide mentorship and work collaboratively with nurse colleagues during this formative time in the nation's healthcare history.

Lessons From the Field

Experience the richest debriefs in close clinical conference that I have ever experienced. I learned so much. I gained a deeper understanding of how clinical practice guidelines are developed and implemented. I can't wait to see the program grow so I can come back and be a future clinical program preceptor. ~ Megan B., FNP Student

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