Diversity Equity and Inclusion

As nurses and members of a health professions school and medical campus, we must respect all peoples from all backgrounds. Let us stand against hatred of any kind, denounce discrimination, and reject the racism, anger and hatred that drives some to destroy others.
Elias Provencio-Vasquez

Elias Provencio-Vasquez

RN, PhD, Dean/Professor

What We Stand For

We are committed to stand against racism and oppression, support the Asian American and Pacific Islander community as well as all under-represented, vulnerable and marginalized communities, while "unlearning deep-rooted biases, stereotypes and racism." We condemn xenophobia, racism and violence. We respect the worth and dignity of all human beings and celebrate uniqueness and diversity of all kinds. Our goal is to prepare nurses who reflect the communities they serve, are culturally aware and unbiased, and educated in patient-centered care.

DEI_VennGram Boldly Transforming Health Together

The College of Nursing recognizes that Boldly Transforming Health is inextricably linked to a fundamental and integral commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).
It is a commitment to critical consciousness (Freire, 1970) in teaching, research and scholarship, clinical care, operational practices and service to the community.

Diversity Organizations and Resour​​ces

Actions the College is Taking:

  • Faculty/Staff/Student Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee has experienced a significant resurgence with increased participation across the College. Meeting regularly, the Committee hosts regular meetings and guest speakers to help staff, faculty and students become better educated on the topic.
  • Ongoing Faculty and Staff Training utilizing resources from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. The trainings include monthly programming and suggested reading. 155 courses have been completed by CU Nursing staff and faculty from the Office of Equity's DEI Certificate program.
  • Hiring Practices -- HR requires consistent re-training on the search committee process for anyone who serves on a search committee to ensure awareness of the process, including possible impacts of implicit bias. HR also provides available options for additional training related to DEI for all search committee members (options available through SKillSoft and LinkedIn Learning)
  • Curriculum Development -- faculty is currently analyzing content for their courses with an eye to diversity, equity and inclusion and revamping syllabi. In addition, the College is creating a faculty position to focus on curricular change concerning DEI.
  • College Leadership -- participated in an introductory forum in which Dr. Regina Richards, Associate Vice Chancellor of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement addressed diversity best-practices, existing campus resources and future DEI training opportunities.
  • Hiring -- the College is in the process of hiring a new Director of Admissions and Student Affairs to focus on DEI related to students.
  • Clinical Instructor Theresa Nino, RN, MSN, is representing our College on the Anschutz Medical Campus Chancellor's Diversity Equity Inclusion and Community Engagement Leadership Council.
  • Student Recruitment / Inclusive Admission Process -- the College is committed to creating a diverse student population, as a result we have incorporated a more holistic approach to admissions. In addition, the College has developed a unique educational opportunity -- Integrated Nursing Pathway (INP) --that facilitates entrance into the nursing profession for students registered at one of three local community colleges. Students in the INP track account for approximately 72% of students from under-represented populations.
  • Scholarships -- we will continue to honor DEI by awarding student scholarships. The College has raised and distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for diverse, under-represented and minority students. This year, a new scholarship was developed by midwifery faculty.
  • Established a website page on DEI efforts with updates.

These efforts are a start, but by no means are they comprehensive. Our pledge is to continue to fight against racism, oppression, and hatred by supporting DEI efforts through programming, education, staffing and curricular changes.