DNP Veteran and Military Health Care Leadership

Admits in fall and spring

The DNP Veteran and Military Health Care Leadership program prepares nurse leaders to be leaders, innovators, care coordinators, and change agents in caring for veterans and service members. The online program is designed for working nurses who are currently novice to expert leaders who are affiliated with the military and/or veteran community. This innovative and focused curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the individual learner and allows students to rapidly apply knowledge in their own practice settings.

At the University of Colorado College of Nursing, we believe in helping those who care for our military and veterans. To that end, we offer a graduate certificate, master's specialty and post-graduate certificate (second MS in Nursing), and DNP Leadership with a veteran and military healthcare specialization. Students can also pursue a combination master's and PhD with a VMHC option or a PhD with a VMHC option. Students who earn their master's degree with VMHC emphasis can also continue on and earn their doctorate of nursing practice through the BS-DNP program.

Courses are online and are available as stand-alone courses to non-degree students in all professions, as well as current CU degree-seeking students. Each course is worth 3 graduate-level credits.

We also sponsor an Annual Partnerships in Veteran and Military Health Conference.

Program Pathways

BS-DNP — Choose this pathway if you have a BS in nursing and want to earn both the master's and the doctor of nursing practice degrees in a continuous program.

DNP (post-masters in VMHC) — If you have completed the MS in VMHC – this is the program plan for you.

DNP (post-masters) — If you already have an MS in nursing (MBA, MHA, and other health systems master’s degree holders may also apply), this is the pathway for you.

VMHC DNP plans of study

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