Post-Graduate Certificates

The University of Colorado College of Nursing offers a post-graduate certificate in most of the nursing specialty options. Nursing students may seek a post-graduate certificate for many reasons, including the ability to specialize in multiple areas within the nursing profession without having to redo an entire master’s degree or DNP as a step to taking on a new area of specialty when seeking a additional education.

The program of study for the post-graduate certificate is determined by an evaluation of the student's previous course work against the required MS (indirect care only) or BS-DNP competencies, including those specified by external certification and accrediting bodies. Each student’s course work is evaluated on an individual basis. To see what courses are required, view the MS or BS-DNP option for which you are interested in pursuing a post-graduate certificate. You will only have to complete the courses for which you have not yet received credit in your chosen specialty option.

Enrollment for the post-graduate certificate is on a space-available basis. For information regarding graduation rates, the median debt of students completing our certificate programs and other important information, please visit the University of Colorado Denver Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness Gainful Employment Disclosure page.

The following options are available as a Post-Graduate Certificate (PGC) for applicants with a master's-level degree or higher.

Graduates of specialty tracks are eligible to apply for national certification by examination. You will learn more about the certification organizations appropriate for this specialty during the completion of your program. Upon successful completion of the certification examination, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Midwives, and CNS specialties are eligible for licensure in all 50 states, including Colorado (visit the Colorado Board of Nursing APRN application forms page), where licensure is granted as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) and is required for practice.
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