MS - PhD

Graduate Program

The MS-PhD program prepares baccalaureate-prepared nurses to enter the doctor of philosophy program, which is designed to promote knowledge development for reflective, theory-based and research-guided nursing practice, after completion of a master's program focusing on a specialty nursing area.

Available Specialty Programs

Students select from 12 different specialties. Past coursework to be applied toward the degree will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The specific courses required for each specialty option are on the specialty pages.

Expected PhD Program Outcomes

  1. Create new knowledge through the research process.
  2. Demonstrates commitment to the profession through publications and conference presentations or engagement in professional organizations.
  3. Examines multiple theories and methodologies for application to research problems.
  4. Engages with fellow scientists and students in scholarly discourse.
  5. Demonstrates ethical responsibility and action as a scientist.
  6. Considers research findings relevant to public health and healthcare policy.