Leah Seiffert MM

Executive Assistant

Evelyn Torres

Bilingual Front Desk Receptionist

Sophia Scott

Medical Assistant

Aracely Ruybal

Bilingual Front Desk Receptionist

Delmy Gonzalez Ordonez

Pharmacy Technician

Kristi Rodriguez

Director of Admissions and Student Affairs

Kimberly Santamaria

NRC Admin Assistant

David Riley

Lifecycle Grants and Contracts

Devananda Vargas

Student Affairs Specialist

Judit Salas

Medical Assistant

Brandy Guinard

Medical Assistant I

Julieta Banales Aguilar

Bilingual Medical Assistant

Agnieszka Magoye

Clinical Information Systems Senior Professional

Tara Arpino BA

Faculty Support Assistant

Maribel Terrazas

Front Desk Receptionist

Ryan Cloyd

Instructional Design Professional

Cassandra Pavlick

Undergraduate Scheduler

Tommy Nguyen

Systems Administrator / IT Sr. Professional

Suzanne Dirkes

Medical Assistant II

Susan Baggett

Website and Social Media Specialist